The Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) has sponsored a women's soccer championship since 1990.

NOTE: The information listed here is from archived CCC files, NCAA record books, and member institution websites. If you believe any of the information to be inaccurate or can help us fill in the blanks, please let us know by contacting the Associate  Commissioner, Doug Chin.


2018 University of New England Western New England Endicott University of New England - First Round (0-1)
2017 Roger Williams Gordon Endicott Roger Williams - First Round (0-1)
2016 Wentworth Gordon  Roger Williams
Wentworth - Second Round (1-1)
2015 Roger Williams Gordon Roger Williams Roger Williams - Second Round (1-1)
2014 Roger Williams Wentworth Roger Williams Roger Williams - Sectional Semifinals (2-1)
2013 Endicott Gordon Endicott Endicott - Second Round (1-1)
2012 Roger Williams Gordon Gordon Roger Williams - First Round (0-1)
2011 Roger Williams Endicott University of New England Roger Williams - First Round (0-1)
2010 Roger Williams Endicott Roger Williams Roger Williams - First Round (0-1)
2009 Endicott Western New England Endicott Endicott - Second Round (1-1)
2008 Roger Williams Endicott Endicott Roger Williams - Second Round (1-1)
Endicott (at-large) - Second Round (1-1)
2007 Endicott Roger Williams Endicott Endicott - Second Round (1-1)
2006 Endicott Roger Williams Endicott Endicott - Sectional Semifinals (2-1)
2005 Endicott Gordon Endicott Endicott - First Round (0-1)
2004 Endicott Salve Regina Endicott Endicott - First Round (0-1)
2003 Endicott Wentworth Endicott Endicott - Regional Semifinals (1-1)
2002 Nichols Endicott Gordon Nichols - First Round (0-1)
2001 Endicott Nichols Anna Maria Endicott - First Round (0-1)
2000 University of New England Anna Maria University of New England University of New England - First Round (0-1)
1999 Endicott Roger Williams University of New England Endicott - First Round (0-1)
1998 Gordon Anna Maria Gordon  
1997 Anna Maria Colby-Sawyer Anna Maria  
1996 Nichols Gordon Gordon  
1995 Gordon Nichols Nichols  
1994 Information not available Info not available Info not available  
1993 Salve Regina Roger Williams --No League Play--  
1992 Information not available Info not available --No League Play--  
1991 Curry Salve Regina --No League Play--  
1990 Salve Regina New England College --No League Play--  



*- NOTE: The Conference started officially recognizing Regular-Season Champions in 2016. In years before 2016, the "Regular-Season Champion" reflects the top-seed in the Conference Tournament.